Matching Colors

Exploring with your camera can be a fun thing to do when you are on vacation or just taking a few days of rest. The other day I was out and about in Rockport and drove by one of my favorite doors along Main St. A nice yellow wreath and fishing balls were hanging on the storm door. The colors are what drew me in. The complimentary red and yellow color gave me the image. Three main elements gave me the composition I was looking for. My tour clients often ask about colors and composition. I like to think of it this way; I look for one main color with other complimentary colors that add to the scene.

Leica M-P 240  90mm Leitz Summicron  ISO 400  1/250s  f5.6

Landscape photography tools – leading elements

One of the most important elements of landscape photography is the leading element. It’s that one aspect of the image that pulls the viewer right into the frame. On one of my recent tours to Good Harbor Beach we were faced with a very low tide which gave us some very cool mounds of sand created by the tide. This added to the visual aspects of this image by also giving it some texture. The curving structure of the rivulets of sand leading up to the rising sun pulls the viewer into the image.


I shot this in both horizontal and vertical but the vertical to me is much better. It gives the image more depth.


The sun star is much better in this image because the sun is lower, but I still like the vertical even if it does have some sun flare from the filter as the sun was higher.

Always Have a Camera

The other day while walking to my car I stumbled into one of the most beautiful sunsets we have seen around here in quite a while. It was magnificent. As I pulled my phone out of my pocket to get a quick shot it occurred to me that my trusty Canon G15 was in the car as it always is and it would give me a much better image with plenty of options. One of my mantras when teaching is to always have a camera with you (use your phone as a last resort). Most photographers I know, professional and otherwise have a second camera they can keep with them when the big heavy stuff is not an option. The Canon G15 is just such a camera. It has a great range, 28-143mm and is fast 1.8-2.8. For most things this camera is great. Sure it does not focus fast and not very good in low light but for most things is awesome! Capturing that memorable moment is all about what you have with you. Hence the image below!