Travel Photography – looking for the details

Travel photography is pretty easy – right? How many times have you returned home and gone through an edit of your images and been disappointed? It’s happened to me, believe me. One of the basic things that people forget is that you are trying to tell a story with your images. This means looking for images everywhere that record what you did on your trip. Sometimes I forget these things when I am faced with a new area with lots of really interesting image possibilities.


Recently when I was out with friends showing them the beauty of Rockport. I decided to shoot some details at a couple of the places we went. The Glass House on Bearskin Neck was such a place. Colored glass everywhere! So I decided to look for some interesting shots of the glassware. Not overall shots mind you but closeups.


Treating this like I would any other shoot I also looked for the details not just the overall scene. This helps to bring those memories back of where you have been. Of course you need to have those dramatic landscapes you came for but showing the details rounds out the story of your visit.


It’s important to remember the things you like best, like taffy from Tucks in Rockport!